Journey to be a Kardashian: The Angela Kardashian Legacy


It’s a big controversy going on in the Kardashian family as Blac Chyna is not only dating Rob Kardashian but she is also having his first child and plans to marry him as well. Being crowned the “Petty Queen” on the internet Blac Chyna takes home the social media bestowed crown as she plans to give birth to Rob Kardashian’s, her boyfriend, and fiance, first born. It’s a huge controversy because of the fact that Rob Kardashian is Kylie Jenners brother, not only that but Kylie Jenner is dating Blac Chyna’s ex/ baby daddy rapper Tyga. The controversy caused people to think about the fact that when the two marry(Rob and Chyna) and if Kylie and Tyga got married it would add a very weird branch to their family tree. With Rob being a father to his and Chyna’s child, a step-father and uncle to Chyna and Tyga’s son, King and Kylie being step-mom and aunt to King and King being a cousin and brother to his sibling. All in all, it makes for a very comical story and produces great views on their show. The baby is due sometime in November and the couple has yet to set a date for the wedding.15

In comparison to other pregnancies in this TV family, Chyna’s had an equal balance of coverage although it appears to be more of an underground hype versus mainstream like Kim Kardashian’s was. In comparison to Kim Kardashian’s two pregnancies or even Beyonce’s, Chyna’s was not held at as grand of a scale as theirs were. Part of the reasoning seems to be because of Rob’s lack of social media presence. Rob Kardashian is not as hype as his ever social media present sisters and family. And Blac Chyna although social media present isn’t as talked about as Beyonce or Kim Kardashian. When Beyonce was pregnant it was worldwide news from the announce up until the birth of Blue Ivy. With news coverage on the pregnancy for what seemed like every week. 16 “Is Beyonce really pregnant?”, “Is the baby bump fake” every week there seemed to be some type of coverage on Beyonce’s pregnancy up until the birth of Blue Ivy and even still she made headlines. In a New York Times article titled ” After Beyoncé Gives Birth, Patients Protest Celebrity Security at Lenox Hill Hospital”[] a young couple recounts how they had troubles leaving the hospital, how some patients felt that there was a security risk because some of the camerars were covered, and how others were told that if they leave they couldn’t get back in, all because Beyonce was giving/ gave birth.

Another pregnancy that was widely covered is Chyna’s soon to be sister in law Kim Kardashian. Just like Beyonce it was everywhere you turned, social media, news outlets, magazines, advertisements, Kim Kardashians pregnancy made headlines not only because of who she is but also because of who her husband and baby father is, Kanye West.

In comparison to these two pregnancies the similarity they share is the fact that each mother is a celebirty. But in terms of news coverage, Chyna sits on the back burner as she is not as big of a celebirty as her sister in law and Beyonce.

Sadly it seems that what little coverage Chyna does recieve only appear on social media outlests like twitter, facebook, and snapchat. Her pregnancy was not as widely represented until she announced the start of her and Robs show, “Rob&Chyna” which begun airing in November as a “Kicking it with the Kardashians” spin off. The show provided in inside look to Rob and Chynas relationship and allowed viewers and fans to follow along with their trails and tribulations as Chyna and Rob handle their relationship and pregnancy. []. It also proviede the couple with more media coverage in order to hype up the show and gain more viewers.

Although the couple seemed serious about their relationship and first child together. Social media viewed it all as one long running joke, and a further explanaition of how meessed up the Kardashians are. An article by Elite Daily, jokeingly attempts to create a family tree based off of the 17current relations of the family in order to understand the turn out of if Chyna and Rob were to marry. It is written in a comical sense because the ideal of this tree is ridiculious. []

In my opinion the whole Kardashian family is one long running joke that looks to have no end. I wish the best for Rob and Chyna and hope that their love is real and not some fake publiciyt stunt to keep the Kardashians in the lime light and boost their ratings . And even if it is it has to be admited that this was a great PR strategy to help keep the ratings up and the money flowing.


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