Trump Immigration Band

Situation Synopsis


Doug Mills\ The New York Times

Last Friday, February 3, 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order suspending refugee resettlement and entry into the U.S. of people from several countries. the order suspends refugees resettlement into the u.s. for four months. it also refuses resettlement from Syria indefinitely. The ban included suspension for three months entry by citizens of seven majority muslims nations – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen on immigrant or non immigrant visas. Including apparently people holding dual citizens with other nations. The order covered everyone with visas from those specific countries including permanent legal residents or “green card” holders, who already had permission to be in the U.S. Meaning that if they left and tried to come back they would be prohibited. Homeland Security has since said that it will allow people to come back but the order still suspended the ability of many others including, workers, students, non permanent workers, professional employees, business people, entertainers, and athletes. The only people sure to be allowed are those with diplomatic clearance. Along with signing the order Trump also cut down the numbers of refugees to allowed to the U.S. He cut it down from 110,000 to 50,000 which means that when the suspension is lifted on refugees fewer will be resettled and no Syrian refugees will be allowed in although there is still a civil war going on in their country.(CNN)

Media Correlation


Protesters gathered at JFK airport in New York City. (Stephanie Keith\ Getty Images)

The news of the ban sent shock waves throughout the world. Chaos and confusion roved through U.S. airports. People protested across various social media platforms and news media outlets. Protesters gathered and converged on at least eight major U.S. airports demonstrating against the policy which has been decried as the “Muslim Ban” by democrats, human right organizations, and advocacy groups who bash trump for instituting a policy that they say goes against U.S. values, is unconstitutional, and goes against the Americas image around the world as a sanctuary for those fleeing oppression.

In response to his ban various companies like Starbucks, Google, and Amazon issued statements speaking out to his ban. Starbucks CEO Howard sought Sunday to reassure his employees who are in anguish about President Donald Trump’s immigration ban and said that the coffee chain will look to hire 10,000 refugees in its stores world-wide. Another major company, Google, plans to raise four million dollars in response to the ban. The money will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Unions, immigrant legal resource Center, the International Rescue Committee, and the United Nations Refugee agency.Google CEO Sundar Pichai also posted a tweet in response saying, “For generations, this country has been home to immigrants like Sanaz. Her story is playing out all over the county. Google is with you.” Both Pichai and cofounder Sergey Brin protested President Trump ban alongside fellow staff Monday. (Fortune)

Compare and Contrast



Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump (Getty Images)

Many are beginning to compare the actions of President Trump’s ban to that of the holocaust and Hitler. In an essay that she published in the in an issue of Newsweek in observance of International Holocaust remembrance Day 86 year-old Eva Schloss, Anne Franks step sister. In the essay she wrote, “If Donald Trump becomes the next President of the United States it would be a complete disaster. I think he is acting like another Hitler inciting racism”. She also writes, “I remember how upset the world was when the Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 and now everybody is building walls again to keep people out. It’s absurd”. Schloss isn’t the only one who compared Trump’s actions to that of Hitler. Political commenter Glen Beck made a comment on his radio show on Trump and his actions. He commented on the similarity of Trump road to power to Hitler road to power. (Inquisitr)

An article by Maiken Umbach discusses how in both Trumps and Hitlers campaign how the neither men campaign on specific policies, beyond a couple of slogans. She also talks about how both promised a new vision of leadership and they portray the existing political systems as being corrupt, incompetent, and most importantly generate decisive action in the face of  pressing problems. She also discusses and compares their personal biographies and how they discuss how their personal struggles shaped them and made them into great leaders able to overcome any and everything.Making them out to be leaders that can over come anything through sure will power.(International Business Times)

Personal Reflections and Closing Remarks

In my opinion the actions of President Donald Trump are indeed terrifying and concerning. His actions and speeches carry and represent hate spreading a drift in this already semi separated country. The fact that he signed an exectuive decesion aganist Muslims with no solid foundation worries me. He has only been in office for a month and has signed and issued over 20 orders since his inaguration. My hopes are that eventaully he does some good for this country, but, im concerened that his election is what will set this country back in time and cause various uncessary issues that could have easily been avoided if we had the right person representing us.


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