Education:  I will graduate from North Carolina Central University December 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and a concentration in public relations. My curriculum includes courses that focused on public relations, broadcast media, crisis management, and journalism. The years that I spent at NCCU have help shape and mold me for the workforce after I graduate.




Campus Involvement: Although it was brief, my involvement with my school’s student radio allowed me to further develop and learn about myself. It was the perfect remedy to help me conquer my fear of public speaking. Assisting with the station generated my love for broadcast media.



Want a personal copy of my resume? Download the PDF here: My Resume

List Of References:

  • LaDean Jones, M.S. Ed
  • Durham Head Start Parent Family Community Engagement Coordinator
    • Email:
      (919) 536-5560 Ext.237
  • Kimberley Pierce Cartwright
  • WNCU News&Public Affairs
    • Email:
      (919) 530-7833
      (919) 560-5283
  • Loleithia Underdue
  • AudioNet General Manager
    • Email:
      (919) 530-7592
      (919) 530-503
  • Latisha Hart
    • Phone:
      (919) 647-2367

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