Section II

On the link below you will find samples of my broadcast media work form courses like my summer media pragmatic with WNCU and my audio production course.

Broadcast Media Publications

June Black Music Month: Janet Jackson

This is a recording that I wrote and produced for my schools radio show AudioNet News in my media practicum class. It was created for their annual June Black Music Month and covers singer Janet Jackson and her accomplishments.

Air Check:

This recording was made in my audio production course. It features me doing multiple readings for air check. It showcases my skills in producing, writing, and editing a radio show. It also show cases my skills in audio production.

Ovi Hydration:

The Ovi Hydration commercial was one of my earliest recordings. Its a simple commercial that I wrote for and recorded for a drink.

AudioNet Newscast:

Another of my early recording and edits. It showcases my skills in writing news stories for the radio and was produced in my audio production course.

Sexual Assault PSA:

A PSA that I wrote for my media practicum class on Sexual assault on college campuses.

Jansen Kidnapping Case:

This is a news story that I researched, wrote, and recorded for my media practicum course. It covers the Jansen Kidnapping case and where it was at that point.


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