Writing Samples

This portion of my portfolio showcases blog post and writing that I’ve done for my Journalism as Literature course, PR: Theory and Practice, and my Media and Society class.

Journalism as Literature:

MaeSueDownyChampion : This is a profile on my subject Mae Sue Downy Champion. It uses a creative writing style to place the reader within the story as they learn more about Mrs. Champion’s life. The piece was written for my Journalism as literature course.

PR: Theory and Practice:

Organizations Rational

ListerinePRFinalProject : The Organizations rational and Listerine PR Final Project is a group project that I did in my PR: Theory & Practice course. It is research that my team and I did on Listerine and their current marketing campaigns.

Media and Society:

Miss Japan and Why it’s important: This post discusses Miss Japan and the controversy she caused in the Japanese community because of her racial heritage. The article was written for my media and society class. It covers how Japan is handling not having a “pure Japanese” as Miss Japan two years in a row.

Kaepernick Takes a Seat: This post covers Colin Kaepernicks sit down protest during the National Anthem from 2016. It was written for my theory and practice course and covers how the media reacted to his protest and its effects on him and his efforts.

More writing samples can be found under the blog post tab.


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