Vegan Flava Cafe Campagin

The Vegan Flava campaign is a campaign that was done as a class project for my public relations cases and campaign course. The project utilizes all the skills my peers and I developed from previous public relation courses and utilized them with an actual client and his developing business.

The class was split into four teams: the research team, pr writing team, media relations team, social media, and the visual team, which I was a member of.

My team was in charge of enhancing the essence of the clients branding material. Which included presenting a more appealing website and logo to attract old and new customers for the client.

My contributions to the project were:

  • A new logo(which was created with the help of my professor)
  • A new website layout.
  • A new color palette created based on what the client was selling and the client themselves.
  • An about page which was not included in the client’s previous site.

Screenshots of what the original website looked like:

My first draft for the redesign:

My final draft for the redesign:

If you would like to see the work of my classmates and I as a whole this is the completed project: Vegan Flava Cafe


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